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Welcome to my site. This site will help you dig deeper into the world of nutrition... Feel free to post your questions, browse the videos and my clinic 'DCDC' page, calculate your BMI, and much more... Enjoy...

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Balance November 11, 2013
Men's fertility and food

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Hi Mrs. Randa,
My daughter will have 5 months soon but i m confused abou...


Dear Bettina,
I do not advise juices for babies. The milk formula should continue as prescribed by DR. Start giving her 1 tablespoon of cooked...

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About Randa
Randa Dunya Fahd is a renowned and skilled Lebanese nutritionist and lecturer. She graduated with a Masters degree from the American University of Beirut. She is an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), of Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition (SCAN), of the Overseas Dietetics Association (ODA), and of The Lebanese Academy of Nutrtion and Dietetics (LAND).

Ever since she was very young, she showed a passion in nutrition and dietetics. As she grew older, her passion was accompanied by love to people and extreme care towards their well-being. This led her to specializing in Nutrition and Dietetics.

After a while in the business, Randa realized the immense lack of nutrition awareness in Lebanon, especially at younger ages. Consequently, she founded an educational awareness program to be incorporated in schools around Lebanon. This program is embodied in a booklet called ‘Grow Healthy’ used by schools to educate children about their health and bodies. With further development of the program, Randa has been collaborating with teachers and students to do various nutrition programs, the latest of which was the day-by-day-tip calendar.

Randa has also published her book ‘Al Rashaqa Wal Soha’ which is mainly addressed to women teaching them how to take care of their health, their husband’s, and their children’s and how to prevent or treat diseases through food intake. The book contains the answers to most commonly asked questions, divided into eight main sections: healthy body, healthy body standards, information about food constituents, food safety, women’s health, children’s health, various specific topics, and healthy recipes.

As well, Randa is skilled and experienced with athletes at all ages and their awareness and well-being.

Randa is now the co-owner of the Dental Cosmetic and Diet Clinic (DCDC) in Zouk Mikael – Espace 2000 Street. She is a host of the hit nutrition and health welfare program ‘Balance’ on ‘MTV’. She is an instructor at the Lebanese American University (LAU) and a nutrition consultant at Saint Joseph School – Cornet Chehwan. She is the organizer of dietetic menus in several restaurants.
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